GNR Training and Recovery Project – Third Float

GNR is just around the corner and Cheryl is really finding that Floating is impacting her training and recovery. Just two more Floats to go and then it’s game on!!!!

Hear what Cheryl has to say about her third float, and the results she is getting below:

How was your third float?

Amazing!.. so relaxing, loved switching off from the world for the hour with not a care in the world.

Have you noticed that your muscles and/or joints have felt less stiff or painful after floating?

Massive difference- after my long runs that I do each Sunday, it generally takes me quite a few days to recover and I feel that when I do my club training with Tyne Bridge Harriers that I don’t get the full benefit from training due to fatigue in the legs. After my second float, I had training the following Tuesday, and I managed my fastest mile in a long time in the speed session… averaged 8.5 minute miles.

Floating allows you to be more in tune with your body, have you been able to anticipate any injuries?

I have been more aware of past issues with my Shin and past knee problems and I have been more aware of any niggles before it goes as far as a strain/injury.

How are your shins doing?

So much better, it hasn’t been giving me any issues for a few weeks now.

Have you noticed an impact on the speed of recovery after floating?

Yes, the next day I feel great after floating, I could of easily ran my half marathon day after training with ease!

What other methods of recovery are you still using?

I tend to foam roll after every run and take magnesium and vitamin B6 to aid recovery, I also have a pre Thai massage and post massage booked in before the GNR.

Have you felt a difference in how you feel when doing these other methods?

Foam rolling is not the nicest of recoveries but it does make a difference, however I have felt I haven’t needed to do this as often since I started my floating.

We are glad to hear your training is going well! How do you feel your training is coming on in comparison to previous runs?

I feel stronger, speed is approving and because my joints and muscles are not as sore as normal, I have managed to fit additional cross training into my regime.

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