Modern society has created a situation where the human nervous system lives in a world of near-constant stimulation. Rarely does our brain and body have the opportunity to relax and disconnect from all this environmental noise. Floating is the cure. A Float Tank is a carefully engineered environment designed to remove stimulation such as light, sound, gravity, temperature and touch. Floating is a scientifically proven method to increase our mental and physical wellbeing, it triggers our relaxation response making us happier with fewer aches and pains, and confident of a better night’s sleep. It can help us gain a better perspective on things, too. 


The long-lasting state of deep relaxation which floating brings about is profound and hard to find anywhere else,

Better Sleep

Provides relief from the effects of sleep deprivation. Many users have reported on the blissful night of sleep they have after floating.


Floating can be a shortcut for many people to reach a meditative state and reap some of its proven benefits.


Some people report that floating gives them the quiet and space they need to soften their minds and find answers to problems that have been causing them stress.


Ongoing scientific research clearly shows that floating improves people's wellbeing and overall sense of happiness.

Pain relief

Regular users have adopted floatation as their primary means of relief for chronic pain symptoms, some even using it to wean off of prescription medication.

Stress and Anxiety

Floating inhibits the stress response and lowers cortisol in the body. It also tamps down anxiety in the brain in a way that rivals some prescription drugs and meditation.


Spending time in the tank allows our minds to wonder, contemplate, explore and ponder our innermost thoughts and reconnect with ourselves.


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