Joanne is a independent holistic therapist who operates out of Driftwood Float Spa.
She is fully trained and experienced in reflexology, various styles of massage including; sports, Swedish, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, and hot and cold stone therapy.
She is a master of her own Reiki, so is able to offer both Usui and the more advanced Karuna Reiki safely, and always with good healing intention.

Call 07961714199 or contact Joanne via the below pages:

Usui Reiki
1 hour • £35 for 1 hour treatment

Karuna Reiki
1 hour • £35.00 per hour — £45.00 for 1.5 hours

Aromatherapy Massage
£45.00 per hour OR £55.00 for 1.5hrs

Intuitive Massage
Duration varies • £25.00 half hour — £40.00 per hour — £50.00 for 1.5hr

Hot Stone Massage

Duration varies • £55.00 per 1.5hrs — £65.00 two hours

Indian Head Massage
£25 for 40mins

1 hour • £35.00 per hour