GNR Training and Recovery Project – Second Float

Cheryl’s training is flying by and she has experienced her second Float on Sunday, we are looking forward to seeing how her third goes and looking at the impact it has had on her training.

For now we’ve asked her for some feedback on how she has found the experience so far.

How did you find you first float?

I loved my first experience of my float, had a very informative induction, felt welcome and comfortable…..the tank is spacious and relaxing, easy accessible and the temperature of the water is perfect… once I was in the tank and the music started, I found it very easy to relax and switch off from the world.

How did you feel initially after the float, compared to before?

After the float, I felt relaxed and refreshed, I suffer from anxiety and I literally felt like the stress and strain of everyday life had been lifted.. I have had ongoing shin splints since my marathon in May, and the float helped with the support on my shin.

 How about the next day?

I struggle with day to day sleeping patterns, where I wake up various times through the night and also suffer from fatigue… I slept without problem even though I woke up various times, I didn’t feel as drained as I generally do.           

How did your second float compare?

As I knew what to expect, I found my 2nd float a lot more easier, I managed to get in a comfortable position straight away , afterwards I felt the difference as I had been training the same day for the GNR…. 10 miles progression tempo run and 5 mile walk.. and the stiffness and aches that I had before the float were a lot more manageable.

How is your training going?

I’ve had a few setbacks with my training in July through illness, but feel like am back on track and feeling stronger day to day –  hoping I am on track for a course personnel best time.

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