GNR Training and Recovery Project – Fourth Float

Wow exciting times for Cheryl with just 5 days left to go 🙂

Cheryl completed her fourth float on Sunday and has her penultimate float, and last before the run, tomorrow.

This week we discuss Cheryl’s progress and how she feels about meeting her goals at GNR.

How was your 4th float?

Amazing! I Felt more confident floating without the headrest, so relaxing experience….attention to detail in the spa in fantastic… everything is provided that you can possibly think of to what is needed to make the experience the best.
How is training going?

Taper week has become, basically time to wrap myself in cotton wool till Sunday!…… A few gentle miles through the week to keep the legs ticking till the big one.
I ran on Sunday testing out my ideal marathon pace…. 4 miles at average 9.02 min miles…. feel strong and pain free.

How do you feel about the run next week, do you feel confident you will achieve your personal goals?

I feel focused and ready to try my best for the race, but am going to be realistic also…. the weather is a main factor for me on Sunday. The last two years have been the hottest races I’ve done which can affect performance on the day, health and safety is more important than trying to beat previous times….. I’ll be doing a rain dance praying for cooler weather.!!
My main aim is to get a sub 2 hour half marathon, am 3 minutes off this at the minute, and i would love Sunday to be the day I do this.
I would be happy to get a course personal best from previous years. In 2015 when I had only been running for 6 months from being a beginner I achieved 2hrs 29mins, in 2016 I got a 15 minute course personal best of 2hrs and 15mins, so anything between 1.59 hour – 2.10 hour I would be over the moon!!

Have you attempted any visualisation in the tank, if so how did it go?

I did and found it really interesting, I imagined Sunday, the pre race build up, soaking up the atmosphere, the crowd getting you through the race and cheering your name…… and the most important part…. the last few miles from Marsden to the finish line, that finish push to the finish and achieving my ultimate goals..

It was so realistic and I could feel the excitement and nerves that race day brings…:)

Bring it on!!

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