Float for Art Initiative

Our Art initiative is all about bringing the community, creativity and floating together as one.

Creative geniuses like John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Kris Kristofferson, Peter Gabriel and Robin Williams understood the power of floatation to enhance their creativity and relaxation.

Floating slows down your brain wave patterns until your mind slips into the theta state that can only be achieved moments before falling asleep and waking up, or during deep meditation – a state characterised by insights, inspiration, free association, vivid imagery and clear, creative thoughts. The release of endorphins enhances your feelings of euphoria and extreme wellbeing.

We have engaged with local artists who have floated for free in exchange for creating art inspired by their floats.

If you are interested in taking part in the Float for Art Initiative, please get in toucH, alternatively scroll down to see some of our gallery!

Float on!

Artist Bio – Egle Dubinkaite

Egle Dubinkaite is a multi-discipline artist and gallery curator, living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Her work is mainly sourcing inspiration from her personal connection with the environment and its objects, analysing its components and making it into contemplative and/or decorative artwork. Egle produces work in drawing, painting, collage and digital medium, especially interested in installations in public spaces.

Previous education includes B.A. degree in the Study of Arts at the Vytautas Didysis University (Kaunas, Lithuania, 2007), and Fine Art Foundation degree at the Newcastle College (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2014 ). Her installations and drawings have been exhibited at the Lit & Phil library, the Mining Institute, as well as the Newcastle Arts Centre and the Belsay pop-up gallery. Egle is also working with private art commissions. Between 2010 and 2016 she has completed graphic design work for various companies, designing logos, websites and promotional material. In the past year she has been practicing the art of ceramics, specialising in traditional wheel throwing techniques.

Since 2013 Egle has been managing System gallery – the non profit organisation / art gallery with an aim to encourage art graduates to exhibit their works alongside more established local artists. System gallery has been participating in regional art fairs and culture festivals, and in 2015 was listed as one of the top ten contemporary art galleries in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Website: www.systemarts.co.uk


Artist Bio – Ola Kozlova

A native of Latvia she has spent the last 4 years studying Fine art in Newcastle and is now the holder of a bachelor’s degree. She has had exhibitions at the system gallery over the last few years at which she has also helped to curate and now works for the globe gallery which she also curates for. The piece that Ola has produced for us is a canvas painting with fabric sewn into the surface to present a painting with several levels of texture which could be seen as representing the different levels of consciousness that the mind flows between during the float
Artist Bio – Jaye Tinkler

Jaye Tinkler is a lovely young local lady who has very kindly produced this amazing painting for us. Using acrylic paint on a wooden board this colourful piece is a fine addition to our growing gallery.
Jaye is a budding tattoo artist at Geotribe tattoo studios based in Chinatown and regularly produces intriguing dot work tattoos that are becoming increasingly popular.
If you like her work that she has done for us or are interested in handpoke tattooing please contact Jaye at jayebirdtattoos@hotmail.com or call Geotribe studios on 01912616203.