So you’re ready to float your cares away with Driftwood Float Spa and access the incredible benefits that Floatation Therapy has to offer? Below is a step by step guide to your experience with us.

  1. All you need to bring with you is a towel. Arrive at your check-in time at our tranquil spa. We’ll welcome you and cover the basics of floating; answering any questions you have
  2. You’ll take a quick shower in our float room and put in your earplugs.
  3. A quick step in and you are ready close the door of the tank.
  4. Time to chill, heal, rejuvenate and drift away…….
  5. After an hour music will fade in to gently rouse you from your deep relaxation
  6. Step out of the tank and grab another shower to wash off all that lovely Epsom salt
  7. Dress and bask in the after-float glow
  8. Join us for a drink and a natter about your experience – or go and live your life in a better state – whatever you want!