GNR Training and Recovery Project – Fourth Float

Wow exciting times for Cheryl with just 5 days left to go 🙂

Cheryl completed her fourth float on Sunday and has her penultimate float, and last before the run, tomorrow.

This week we discuss Cheryl’s progress and how she feels about meeting her goals at GNR.

How was your 4th float?

Amazing! I Felt more confident floating without the headrest, so relaxing experience….attention to detail in the spa in fantastic… everything is provided that you can possibly think of to what is needed to make the experience the best.
How is training going?

Taper week has become, basically time to wrap myself in cotton wool till Sunday!…… A few gentle miles through the week to keep the legs ticking till the big one.
I ran on Sunday testing out my ideal marathon pace…. 4 miles at average 9.02 min miles…. feel strong and pain free.

How do you feel about the run next week, do you feel confident you will achieve your personal goals?

I feel focused and ready to try my best for the race, but am going to be realistic also…. the weather is a main factor for me on Sunday. The last two years have been the hottest races I’ve done which can affect performance on the day, health and safety is more important than trying to beat previous times….. I’ll be doing a rain dance praying for cooler weather.!!
My main aim is to get a sub 2 hour half marathon, am 3 minutes off this at the minute, and i would love Sunday to be the day I do this.
I would be happy to get a course personal best from previous years. In 2015 when I had only been running for 6 months from being a beginner I achieved 2hrs 29mins, in 2016 I got a 15 minute course personal best of 2hrs and 15mins, so anything between 1.59 hour – 2.10 hour I would be over the moon!!

Have you attempted any visualisation in the tank, if so how did it go?

I did and found it really interesting, I imagined Sunday, the pre race build up, soaking up the atmosphere, the crowd getting you through the race and cheering your name…… and the most important part…. the last few miles from Marsden to the finish line, that finish push to the finish and achieving my ultimate goals..

It was so realistic and I could feel the excitement and nerves that race day brings…:)

Bring it on!!

GNR Training and Recovery Project – Third Float

GNR is just around the corner and Cheryl is really finding that Floating is impacting her training and recovery. Just two more Floats to go and then it’s game on!!!!

Hear what Cheryl has to say about her third float, and the results she is getting below:

How was your third float?

Amazing!.. so relaxing, loved switching off from the world for the hour with not a care in the world.

Have you noticed that your muscles and/or joints have felt less stiff or painful after floating?

Massive difference- after my long runs that I do each Sunday, it generally takes me quite a few days to recover and I feel that when I do my club training with Tyne Bridge Harriers that I don’t get the full benefit from training due to fatigue in the legs. After my second float, I had training the following Tuesday, and I managed my fastest mile in a long time in the speed session… averaged 8.5 minute miles.

Floating allows you to be more in tune with your body, have you been able to anticipate any injuries?

I have been more aware of past issues with my Shin and past knee problems and I have been more aware of any niggles before it goes as far as a strain/injury.

How are your shins doing?

So much better, it hasn’t been giving me any issues for a few weeks now.

Have you noticed an impact on the speed of recovery after floating?

Yes, the next day I feel great after floating, I could of easily ran my half marathon day after training with ease!

What other methods of recovery are you still using?

I tend to foam roll after every run and take magnesium and vitamin B6 to aid recovery, I also have a pre Thai massage and post massage booked in before the GNR.

Have you felt a difference in how you feel when doing these other methods?

Foam rolling is not the nicest of recoveries but it does make a difference, however I have felt I haven’t needed to do this as often since I started my floating.

We are glad to hear your training is going well! How do you feel your training is coming on in comparison to previous runs?

I feel stronger, speed is approving and because my joints and muscles are not as sore as normal, I have managed to fit additional cross training into my regime.

GNR Training and Recovery Project – Second Float

Cheryl’s training is flying by and she has experienced her second Float on Sunday, we are looking forward to seeing how her third goes and looking at the impact it has had on her training.

For now we’ve asked her for some feedback on how she has found the experience so far.

How did you find you first float?

I loved my first experience of my float, had a very informative induction, felt welcome and comfortable…..the tank is spacious and relaxing, easy accessible and the temperature of the water is perfect… once I was in the tank and the music started, I found it very easy to relax and switch off from the world.

How did you feel initially after the float, compared to before?

After the float, I felt relaxed and refreshed, I suffer from anxiety and I literally felt like the stress and strain of everyday life had been lifted.. I have had ongoing shin splints since my marathon in May, and the float helped with the support on my shin.

 How about the next day?

I struggle with day to day sleeping patterns, where I wake up various times through the night and also suffer from fatigue… I slept without problem even though I woke up various times, I didn’t feel as drained as I generally do.           

How did your second float compare?

As I knew what to expect, I found my 2nd float a lot more easier, I managed to get in a comfortable position straight away , afterwards I felt the difference as I had been training the same day for the GNR…. 10 miles progression tempo run and 5 mile walk.. and the stiffness and aches that I had before the float were a lot more manageable.

How is your training going?

I’ve had a few setbacks with my training in July through illness, but feel like am back on track and feeling stronger day to day –  hoping I am on track for a course personnel best time.

GNR Training and Recovery Project

Hey Float Fans! Our GNR Training and Recovery Project is onnnnnnnn!
Meet Cheryl, who will be floating with us once a week from now until the big run, with a cheeky recovery float after. We will be receiving feedback to see whether Floating has a positive effect on her training and helps her to achieve her goals.
Floating reduces the total amount of recovery time needed by increasing blood circulation, lowering lactic-acid levels, and alleviating the pain of injuries. The release of endorphins, coupled with the ability to become extremely aware of knots, tensions, and painful spots allows for athletes to heal faster and overcome fatigue. Many athletes that use float therapy in combination with visualisation techniques experience a very significant improvement in their performances.

Here is a little bit about Cheryl and why she wanted to get involved in the project 🙂
This is my 3rd year doing the GNR, I have also run other half marathon’s in Sunderland Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as the Edinburgh full marathon.
I have only been running since 2015,and the GNR was my first event starting as a beginner raising money for Macmillan nurses after I was diagnosed with skin cancer, and the GNR is where my running journey began, I love being part of the greatest race in the running calendar and each year I aim to improve my performance and time.
I aim to fundraise for Macmillan and Cancer Research again.
I am following a 12 week programme for a sub 2 hour GNR time, and I also cross train 1-2 times per week. For recovery, I get sports massages once a month, foam roll, and soak in Epsom salts, and I am also a member of Tyne Bridge Harriers.
I have suffered from injuries in the past, and would like to learn the best recovery procedures that suit my needs, and also improve performance.
Watch this space to find out more about Cheryl’s journey.

Three Float Project

Three Float Project

You may remember that we asked for volunteers to take part in our project, where people who had never floated before would float three times and keep a video diary to tell us about their experience.

Our first video is Rosie’s story, Rosie was interested in taking part as she has a stressful job and has historically experienced depression and anxiety.

Our aim was to try and improve people’s lives through floating, check out the video through the link below to find out if it worked.