Our Story

How did we come to be?

Lee Wood


The whole reason we exist is because I absolutely love everything to do with floating. I had my first float session in 2013 and have been hooked ever since. I have previously struggled with anxiety and regular floating has allowed me to be alot calmer and deal with lifes more difficult moments more effectivley. I do still experience some anxiety from time to time but I feel floating has really helped lessen it’s impact on my everday life. Floating has also allowed me to create and work in a business which allows me to witness the healing power floating has on people on a day to day basis. I am really happy to be able to make floating available to you and it pleases me so much to see all of your post float floaty faces.

Floaty Face: adj: The post float blissful expression worn by float tank users. The face will exhibit a euphoric kind of glow, the cheeks are a little pink and the eyes are semi closed. It’s a cat who ate the cream face.