I discovered float tanks at the back end of 2013 and have been hooked ever since. I was so enamoured with floating that I really wanted a float tank of my own, however I soon realised that this would be impossible because a) they are really expensive and b) They are really big and would I would never get it in my house nor would my landlord be best pleased. The only way that I could foresee that this could become a reality would be for me to set up a float centre. That way everyone would be a winner because a) I would have a float tank, b) I could share the floatation experience with my local community by making a float tank available to you and c) my friends would get a break from me banging on about floating all the time because I’d get to bang on about it with all you lot instead. Happy days. So here we are, three years after my first float I am absolutely over the moon to finally make floating available to you and I am very much looking forward to seeing all your post float floaty faces.

Floaty Face: adj: The post float blissful expression worn by float tank users. The face will exhibit a euphoric kind of glow, the cheeks are a little pink and the eyes are semi closed. It’s a cat who ate the cream face.