Why not treat a loved one to a unique and unforgettable experience  with the gift of relaxation. Life is stressful, we’re here to help.


This is your chance to chill out and experience one of the most effective relaxation methods on earth!

what is it?

Floating effortlessly in skin temperature epsom salt water whilst all wordly distractions are removed

the benefits

Relieves aches and pains

Reduces stress

Facilitates deep relaxation


why float

Floating naturaly increases your dopemine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow for days after your float

price list

Take a look at our price list of single sessions, float packages and memberships, providing you with one of the best ways to relax, unwind and feel energized and alive

single sessions

Please Note. We only have one float tank and so for double bookings the sessions will need to be booked back to back.

Float packages


Once you experience floating it can become addictive. Whilst single floats and packages are great the real and longer lasting benefits will come from regular monthly floats. It will benefit your wallet too.Just let us know what membership interests you when you come to float and we will get that set sraight up for you.

Luke's Story

How weekly Floatation Therapy has helped me calm anxiety, get more creative and feel much more in control of myself and my emotions…It’s a funny thought, to put yourself inside of an 8 feet x 6 feet x 4 feet tank of water and lie still for an hour.. But until you understand the actual POWER in doing so, you’ll always question what you don’t understand.. So let me break it down for you…
Every week, I come and take a shower here at Driftwood Float Spa, put in a set of ear plugs and lie down inside a tank filled with a foot of warm Epsom salt water.. There are several hundred Kilos of salt in there so your body naturally floats on top of the water. Once you close the door, It’s completely silent, and completely dark… Not scary or uncomfortable in the slightest. Ever noticed how hard that is to do without distraction? Because let’s face it, apart from sleeping, when was the last time you laid relaxed in complete silence with NO distractions?
No one needing or wanting your attention, no mobile, no voices, sounds or lights?…Probably,NEVER!
But I’m telling you now, this experience is wonderful! I’ve laid in here plenty of times and had some incredible creative ideas, business ideas, set personal goals and targets.
Things I’ve dreamt up;
Oddly, I’ve had incredible sexual fantasies that were wildly vivid!
Don’t worry they were kept in my head during my float (until later of course ;-p)
What I really mean by that statement Is that I ALLOWED my brain to become more connected and relaxed (less stress = higher libido) and open to new possibilities. The experience itself, can seem like a long time at first, but when you get used to them, you’ll struggle to go without..
Imagine when you’ve left a spa and sauna..How refreshed you feel, think about that.. But 10 times the relaxing feeling.. THAT’S an hour in a float tank!
It aids recovery because 1 full hour in the isolation tank they say is equal to around 3 hours regular sleep! I probably get about 15 minutes of deep dozing.
So technically I’m gaining +3 hours of sleep whilst having a productive and creative experience.
This helps my anxiety, helps me make decisions, stay calmer under pressure, recover better so I can train harder the next day, stay more focused on following the things that I WANT to do.
But you know what’s the most powerful ‘benefit’ to coming to a float tank?.. The fact that you’re doing something for YOU…And YOU alone, YOUR time, YOUR happiness, YOUR calm.
Don’t feel guilty for doing something for yourself. Isn’t it about time you did? Can’t recommend this experience enough.. But like anything, having just one, yes you’ll feel brilliant, you’ll enjoy it, but to have continuous results you need to be continuous with the activities which made you feel good in the first place. That’s why I come Every week
Book yourself a block of 4 (give it a month and see how much better you feel)
Consistency = Results
You deserve it!

Luke Harrison

Personal fitness instructor

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